The Least Advice

We will travel to Texas this weekend for our oldest son’s wedding. It is an event we have long waited for and looked forward to. Immediately after High School he served in the United States Marines and put his college off until later. In his classes at University of Houston he met a wonderful young lady who will soon be my new daughter. My wishes are for them to have a good life together and, of course, to give me as many grandchildren as they wish.

I don’t necessarily wish for them to have great riches and wealth or to have a mansion or even to be able to travel the world over. I wish for them to respect each other and support each other and to be steadfast in their commitment to each other. If wealth comes their way, then my wish is that they be granted much wisdom to use their wealth to help others.

Besides wisdom, I wish for this new young couple to be granted the lessons of LEAST. Or Last. Anything but First.

I would wish for them to be last in complaining. Young marriages can be difficult with new expectations, unfulfilled expectations, and disappointing results. There will be times that money is tight and there will be times that both are tired beyond belief but complaining only encourages discontent. If each person in a relationship would try their best to be least in complaining, it would surely strengthen the relationship.

I would wish for our newlyweds to be least in comparison. Look only to the needs/wants of each other rather than scrolling through the Interned to see what the “world” has. Don’t compare your car, house, clothes, vacations, jobs to others. Especially be least in comparing spouses. Be content with each other and what you have obtained together.

Be last in constructive criticism. Grace covers a lot more ground.

Be the least in your “dreams” of your new marriage. Yes, we all want a great wedding and marriage but, truly, the HUGE fairytale is just that, a fairytale. Marriage is made up of hard work, effort, elbow grease, and loads of unselfishness. Sometimes, expecting your spouse to be everything is just too much. Be reasonable, work hard, and give each other some space.

Be the least in selfishness. Be the one to make the bed. Be the one to clean the toilets. Be the one to walk the dog in the rain. Be the one to change the poopy diapers – in the future. Go ahead and make peace, be the first to apologize. Let your spouse pick the place for dinner or vacation. Be thoughtful. Don’t pout or throw tantrums. Be the least in selfishness.

Be the least in negative thoughts. Talk things out. Get them in the open. Do not dwell in negative and unconstructive thoughts. Marriage is wonderful, but it is not without pitfalls. Look for the best in each other and look for the best in every situation that you encounter.

Be the least in quits. It is much easier to quit a relationship than to build a relationship. Don’t suggest quitting at every little bump in the road. Don’t let quitting be the first answer to your troubles. Take quit out of the solution to anything.

And finally, I hope that our new couple has fun with each other. I hope they don’t take things too seriously and lose out on all of the pranks, jokes, and teases that make a long relationship full and memorable.

Life has many Firsts for us all, and we should enjoy those, but I am also thinking that we never forget the lessons of least when they come our way.

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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5 Responses to The Least Advice

  1. Glenda Hicks says:

    Yes yes🙌 Marriage can be hard without all the worldly things! Be happy with each other even in hard times or you might miss Gods blessings he has for you🙏


  2. Judy Raines says:

    My husband and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary. It was not always easy but we were always there for each other.That was a big plus and with a lot of love we have made it this far. Hope for another 50.
    Best wishes to the newlyweds.


  3. groovycarrieb says:

    Wonderful message, Fawn! Thank you for reminding us of what makes marriage work well. Congratulations on your new daughter.


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