Sad New World


I find it difficult to write this article today. I find it difficult to believe that our great country can’t elect and respect a President without violence, protesting, and mudslinging. I find it more difficult to understand why a ten year child is under attack because his dad chose to run for the highest office in the land. What have we come to in this great land of opportunity? How much further can we go without imploding? Or have we already?

My heart is saddened as I see and hear comments about the President, his wife, the former Presidents, their wives, and all of their children. One does not dress right and the other does not dance right. One led us to ruin and the other is going to bankrupt us. One was a womanizer and the next one was a smoker. One jogs and another plays golf. And on and on it goes. So much superficiality when we need something solid on which to stand.

I don’t care who wore what or what was in the gift box given from the new first lady to the retiring first lady. I don’t care if vacations are taken to Hawaii or elsewhere. I am sure they needed a break. I don’t even care if the new first lady wore her dress at seventeen different events before this one. She looked elegant and classy.  I don’t care if the new President’s speech was a repeat of his campaign speech or if all 44 of the former Presidents had a better speech. So what? Is that what we want from our President? The perfect speech? Certainly that is what the majority are led to focus on. Superficiality.

I have heard so much about the different white pantsuits and which designer will or won’t dress the new first lady that I am sick at heart. Sick because our country is floundering in so many ways and seemingly someone’s facial expression or their clothes are so important that they take up primetime space. I am sick at heart because the very celebrities who got rich on the backs of working Americans are attacking an innocent child from their media platforms and getting away with it.

I would think that being President of the United States is a very difficult job but surely it must be harder on the children who are as tender gazelles running from the voracious mouth of the media. They had no choice about their father’s job. Let’s leave them alone.

In fact, let’s leave each other alone. People bash our country, our flag, our President and his family. People bash anything and everything. The culture our kids are growing up in is rife with hate and selfishness, greed and violence. While some are worried about climate change and others are worried about the environment or the education system, I am worried about the rampant hate threading through every aspect of life and being pumped into our children.

My daughter told me she left a facebook “mommy” group because they got into such a big argument over when to add solid foods to their baby’s diets. She said, “Mom you can’t believe how hateful some of the moms are to other moms because one girl said she added rice cereal to her baby’s bottle. What does it matter? It is her kid!” I have to agree with my daughter. When did every decision in the world become others’ business? If First Lady Trump wants to give a parting gift to Former First Lady Obama why is it anyone’s business beyond the thought, “how nice?” If a young mother wants to try a bit of rice cereal in a bottle I say, “Go for it. Try and see if it works for you.”

I am sad that our great country is struggling. I am sad that, as a people, we seem to have forgotten any ties to politeness, forgiveness, or common courtesy. I am sad that God has been systematically stripped from nearly everything in America. I am sad that our President was not even given a single moment to prove himself before getting bashed. Or the one before him. Or the one before him. What has happened to our world that we are so focused on self that we no longer view other humans as humans? Are we so selfish that only our opinion counts and all others are wrong? I hope not.

In a world that is already scary, we need to think before we speak. We need to think before we re-tweet or share a message that is hurtful to others. Perhaps this is a time we need to retreat from public sharing and spend some time in thought and prayer. Pray for our country. Pray for our President. Pray for his family. Pray for our own attitudes.

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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10 Responses to Sad New World

  1. Susan Newman says:

    Oh Fawn, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you so much for this.


  2. Glenda Hicks says:

    What a wonderful article and I can see how it must have been difficult to write. Your words hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your words I scroll right past most everyone’s post now because there is just too much mud slinging and nit picky. I agree with you with everything you wrote in this article. More prayer is needed💛


  3. Bonnie Wells says:

    Thank you Fawn for putting into words everything I have been struggling with every day! It is sad to watch.


  4. Sue Liles says:

    Thank you Fawn!!!!!!


  5. Janet says:

    Best article ever.


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