The London Tower Bridge


Over the holidays hubby and I attended several movies. He was recovering from total knee replacement surgery and wanted to get out of the house. I had a few weeks off from school and thought getting out was a good idea. When first we ventured out, we were not picky as the popcorn is just as good in a yucky movie as it is in a good movie. Unfortunately, we saw our share of yucky movies and yucky movie behavior. But along the way we also saw animated movies with singing pigs dressed in glitter. We saw fantastical movies with cute wizards popping up here and there in a suitcase. We traveled to space several times and rode in a truck powered by a sea creature from the deep.

Of all the movies we saw, Hidden Figures, based on a true story, was one of the best. It was the story of three women working at NASA and their fantastic contributions to the space programs. The women faced all kinds of trials and prejudices but in the end they remained true to their purpose. Some of it was disturbing to watch as the movie portrayed some seemingly out dated behaviors while trying to stay historically correct.

Some of the things portrayed were so upsetting that the two women sitting directly behind us felt that they needed to add to the dialogue. “I am sure that no one would treat you that way ma’am and that you would indeed show him where to stick it, but we are living in a different culture and time period than those women were. Please just watch the movie!” It IS upsetting to think about but it IS comforting to know that things must have changed over the years or we wouldn’t be so outraged now. This movie reflects the good that can come when people strive to hold to the highest standard.

Unfortunately movie goers do not always strive to hold to the highest standard. No matter how many times the large screens talk about turning off the cell phones, we found that in nearly every movie there were phones working. In one particular movie, an elderly lady sat off to the left of us in the handicapped section and played Candy Crush on her phone until my husband heaved himself out of his chair and rolled over to her on his walker and asked her to turn her phone off. She was so offended. With a huff she grabbed her things and left. I nearly clapped and the man behind her thanked my husband.

And let me add that if you are in a group of women enjoying a girls night out, PLEASE stay away from the movies! I absolutely hate to get settled in with the popcorn and a row of yapping ladies comes in and sits right behind us to giggle and play with their phones throughout the movie. I am glad they are having fun and are trying to sound young and “with it,” but honestly shut up or go back to the bar from whence you came. That happened a few times so we changed to the “mature” nights and went to the movies with the oldies.

Even on a Tuesday night – yes, we went to the movies on a Tuesday night – it was disturbing. Not disturbing in that women were not allowed to have a bathroom or coffee in the workplace, but disturbing in that the older generation talked throughout the movie. Their whispers come out more like shouts and can be heard across the musical score. The6948279-bridge-london-tower guy directly behind me says to the woman sitting directly behind my husband, “What did the man in the blue shirt say?” I munch my popcorn and roll my eyes. Blue shirt is on the screen. Down the row someone leans forward to whisper-shout, “Hey, isn’t that the London Tower? Did we go there in ’67?” Original man whispers to wife, “What did he say?” She coughs and leans forward so that she is about a quarter of an inch from my ear and whisper shouts back down the row, “I believe that the one in the blue shirt is about to kill the girl.” Silence for two seconds and then in unison, “Oooohhh he did kill her.” Silence, while we all digest the gruesome murder of the young girl. The flute and oboe are wafting soft as the camera pans across the river (of her life) when I hear “Hey wasn’t that the London Tower?” Her muffled answer came back loud and clear, “No dear that is the Brooklyn Bridge. We saw it about three years ago.” He “Harrummps” and settles down to rattle his candy wrapper for about an hour.

Oh Good Grief! The girl just got murdered! The crying music is wafting across and I can’t hear what the priest is going to say about her life because “We” are all trying to figure out if she was killed on the Brooklyn Bridge or the London Tower Bridge back in ’67! images

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