Let it Show! Let it Show! Let it Show!


My back is sore and my legs ache. My eyes are dry and I have a headache. I have gone through a box of tissues and a gallon of hot tea. And sad to admit, but we have eaten a few meals in front of the TV because I didn’t want to get up and cook. When a kid passes through the living room I try to grab them and beg them to do me a “small favor” such as get me some water or just one more Christmas Candy. They scurry around me like I have the plague.

No, I am not sick, even though my head hurts some. I AM nursing someone with a total knee replacement and need to be right there with him but that is not why I am sick and sore. I am weary and worn because I have been watching so many Christmas movies. Hallmark movies. Movie of the week movies. Netflix movies. Our own collection of movies on DVD.

Christmas Star. Christmas Kiss. Christmas List. Christmas Again. Christmas Journey. Nutcracker, Nutcracker, Nutcracker. They are all so VERY sappy. And I LOVE THEM! I love that the streets are decorated and the houses are decorated and that every large city has a Christmas tree farm right in the center. I love the horse carriage rides and the ice skating rinks. Usually someone is sad and someone is way too cheerful. Some are Grinch-like and others are suspicious. The kids are wise beyond their years and, as usual, most of the adults are dolts. Plus each show has an element of magic which makes it all come out happily ever after in the end.

I like happily ever after. I like the good girl to get the guy in the end. I like the wishes of the smallest child to come true. I like that a town pulls together to help a good citizen. I really like it when the meanest get what they deserve because in real life this does not always happen. In real life the good girl is sometimes left at home alone and mommy and daddy don’t get back together BUT not in a Christmas movie. In Christmas movies all is well. Sometimes, all is well to a point of gagging but isn’t that why we watch them?

We watch them for the hope they wave in our faces. We watch them to validate how we feel. We want to make sure that there is still good in our world and that Clarence will still get his wings. We want George Bailey to succeed because he represents the good that is in us all. We want our Santa’s to be good and kind not drunk and disorderly. We watch them to help us remember that the world does not revolve around us as our current culture would have us believe.

So much of our world is about self and Christmas movies remind us that we are not alone. They remind us to look outside of self and see who else we can make happy. They remind us to look backwards and see who helped us on our own journey. Whether it was a special gift from a grandparent or valuable advice from old, Christmas movies urge us to realize that we travel this world with others.

So go ahead and send those cards. Purchase a small gift for a co-worker or tennis friends. Write a quick text message to everyone on your contact list or call and let someone know you are thinking of them. Call them up early and shout out “Christmas Eve Gift!” Remind them of traditions past and how much being together mattered. Gather in the kitchen and make cookies and candies from your childhood. Get out the decorated plates at least once and then enjoy the time around the sink hand washing them. OK, OK, OK, dishes are maybe not the best fun but it can be an eye opener if you get the conversation going over the suds. Listening is often the best gift we can give. Perhaps, after the dishes are done, you can all sit down and enjoy a Christmas movie together!

However you celebrate, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and many happy times with your family and friends over the next few days.

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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1 Response to Let it Show! Let it Show! Let it Show!

  1. Susan Newman says:

    Yes!! This is me!! I watch the sappy movies because they always turn out to be happy! Thank you for writing this!! Merry Christmas! Susan

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