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Mom and Kids

Aren’t children wonderful? I just love having kids. The little things they do to make a mother smile. The big things they do to make a mother cry. The daily things they do to make a mother insane! It is a wonder that I haven’t spent a few nights at a psychiatric hospital over the years. I did ask one time if I could be admitted so that I could rest for a few days but they turned me down. The following is a completely TRUE story about a boy and his mother.

Two weeks ago, my youngest asked me to look at his feet. They were hurdownloadting after a day of running around. To my surprise I found about five large warts on the bottom of his feet. One of his older brothers had one so I knew what to do, sort of. I reassured him that we could fix the situation and that he was not going to die. I explained the many different cures. Gray Tape. Pick it off with a knife (older brother chose this method). Wart stuff from the grocery. Surgery from the doctor. Home remedies such as castor oil/vinegar treatments or crushed garlic bandaged to the wart at bedtime.

After much deliberation he chose the wart removal stuff from the grocery store. As I perused the aisle, I found several grocery store remedies for plantar warts. They had little sticky circles with wart medicine in the center. They had caustic oils to drip onto the wart. They had a gel guaranteed not to drip. I got the little sticky patches.

On the first night, after his shower, I applied the patches to his feet. Within minutes, he declared that they bothered him. He wore them to bed but announced the next morning that they came off almost immediately when he got in bed. I rolled my eyes at him.617vwlVeJkL._SL256_

The next night I worked on the patches with my scissors to make them a custom fit. I pressed them on hard so that the sheets wouldn’t work them off. This worked for several nights and then he announced that he was pretty much cured and didn’t need them anymore. And I thought, “What the heck.” He can just live with warts.

All was well until a few days later I was sitting on the couch and saw a smallish spot on the front of one of my cabinets. I got up to inspect and sure enough right in the middle of a drawer front was a WART circle! Stuck very firmly, I might add. I called him in and pointed. He laughed and said, “Whaaattt? They were bothering me so I took them off.”

I eyeballed him as if he were an alien stuck in my house. And asked, “And so you had to stick this on my cabinet?”

He shrugged and smiled. I did the right thing and stood over him while he scraped it off and threw it in the trash. Thankfully we only did the stick-on wart thingys for a few days or no telling where I would find the medicated circles.

However, the wart problem continued and this time I was smart and bought the guaranteed no-drip gel. One evening after his bath, I placed his feet in my lap and applied the tiniest dot of wart gel on his feet. I made him sit while the stuff dried. He declared that this was better than the stick-ons.

He went on to bed and I got to work at the keyboard.  How weird. My elbow started burning! I scratched and tried to think where I injured myself. I ran to the sink to wash it off. It was really starting to burn and it felt like a small hole in my elbow. I held it up to the mirror so I could see. The truth stared me in the face.

I had WART GOO on my elbow and it was taking a hunk out of my perfectly good, non-warty elbow!

And so a mother’s life is full of daily things we do for our children. We encourage. We laugh. We smile. We encourage some more.  And most importantly, we gain a new perspective on what is important and what can be overlooked.

Perhaps the stick-on wart circles weren’t so bad after all. Even on the furniture.

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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2 Responses to Wart Goo

  1. tomrains says:

    Haha! This sounds weird, but I love hearing wart stories from people. Yours was especially funny 🙂


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