An Eventful Week


This has been an exciting week for different events. We have our regular schedules and then some weeks are filled with extra exciting things. Over the past weekend we splurged and took our children to see the popular play Wicked! To say it was fabulous is an understatement. I ordered the tickets weeks in advance so we could get five seats in a row. On the exciting night of their first Broadway show the weather was beautiful. A little cool, but not rainy and not smothering. We left early and got to the auditorium just about right. We got a good parking spot because we parked exactly where they told us to park. On the way in we did have to pass by the concession stands and that was a bit hazardous.

I made sure we ate a late lunch and I explained to them that once at the play we would NOT be getting concession food as it was more than pricey. Right before we left I encouraged them to all get a snack because it might be a little late when the entire thing was over. Luckily I was able to secure tickets to a 6:30 performance since it was a school night. I thought they should be able to go a few hours without food but coming into contact with the popcorn was our undoing!

The popcorn sat there in tidy rows right at eye level while we were waiting in line to get throupopcorngh the interior doors adjacent to the men’s bathroom. It was packaged in red-striped boxes and was only three bucks. Brother! I tried to stand between them and the popcorn but still they saw it and smelled it. Our line inched forward and we found our seats. Once inside the excitement mounted and in a matter of a few minutes the show started. The sets were fantastic and the play was fairly fast-paced and silly in spots. The kids were laughing and clapping at the appropriate places. I sat back and relaxed. A night out that pleased everyone. That doesn’t happen very often.

I watched in awe as the stage crew moved one set on and another off in smooth, coordinated, rhythms. Sometimes I didn’t even realize that they had changed the set. The orchestra was great and the two main actresses were amazing. The kids perked up as they sang about being popular and loved the dragon blowing smoke over the audience. I was basking in personal congratulations for an evening well done when the wicked witch was defying gravity. Intermission was near.

I needed to remind the kids that the intermission was only 15 minutes and to hurry to the bathroom or they would not get back in to the theater. As the lights came on I turned to the kids and just knew that they were going to say, “Thank you dearest, most wonderful mother, for bringing us to this cultural event. It is simply fabulous.” I was a bit stunned when they said in unison, “We are hungry. Can we get some supper?”

Supper? I didn’t want to put out for popcorn at a reasonable price and now they want supper. I am sure they want a drink as well. I held out because on any given night of the week if they don’t like what I cook they do not mind skipping supper with only a few toasty crackers to tide them over. Intermission was tense. We all returned to the play. I was a little miffed and they were hungry but they all survived until the final encore. We did stop at McDonalds on the way home.

Once their hunger abated they talked non-stop about the play and the different sets and songs. The play started the week and then on Tuesday evening the boys competed in a chess tournament and did well. Also on Tuesday they came home from school talking about Trump and Iowa. They watch the news at school these days and they know more about the political scene than I do at times.

Midweek, we shopped for Carolina Panthers shirts so everyone could cheer for our favorite team on Sunday for Super Bowl 50. downloadAnd may I say, many thanks to Cam Newton so that my children can “dab” every ten seconds and give instructive critiques to anyone else trying to dab. So thankful.

The biggest event of the week might be that the youngest not only passed his spelling test, but he made a 96! If I had only known back on Sunday, then I might have purchased him not only popcorn but a large drink as well.

I hope as we ease into February that you all have exciting weeks scattered among the weeks of “getting through” and that the small groundhog was right in predicting an early spring.



About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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