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Summer brings about a different state of mind for many. The warmer weather draws us outdoors to enjoy what nature provides. The younger kids are home eating everything in sight and I assume that most youth camps are packed. Working parents find that they are staying up later than usual because it is harder to get the kids into bed when it is light outside and they are not tired. From end of school to beginning of the next school year, our entire bedtime cycle spins. The kids sleep later and later because they are staying up later and later. It does not happen all in one night or even in one week. The change creeps in and before long those who must get up early have stayed up too late.

This happens to us every summer and I firmly believe that it is the reason that most mothers and many fathers are practically insane by August 1. They are tired. downloadThey are worn out from being in the entertainment business that is not really their business. Need I mention that most families tend to vacation during the summer months. This puts enormous stress on the pocketbook as well as the nerves of the one planning and scheduling the vacation. Odds are that at least someone will end up as an unhappy camper and stir the pot so to speak. Hopefully not.

Since we are not edging closer to the end of summer rather than the beginning, I am hoping that you are not too tired to complete/begin all those great projects you saved up over the winter. Now is the time if you have not started. Memorial Day is in the past. Father’s Day has flown by and the Fourth of July has been celebrated. If you are going to complete a summer project, you don’t have a minute to waste. I have started several projects. They are in mid-completion so are not in the forefront of my mind. I begin one and then I am attracted to something else and I find that it is difficult to return to the project which I was so keen to begin.

Summer keeps getting in the way! Namely kids. Summer kids who are not content to lounge the day away being at peace with all in the household. No, they want to be entertained. Smart kids learn all kinds of ways to complete chores and duties in record time so they can then be loose to bug others. It must be a summer condition because I haven’t seen evidence of this during the cold winters. Mine know that they will not be free to pursue their own activities until their chores are complete. So, they hop out of the bed, run through their chores, gobble down anything edible in the house and announce to one and all that they are bored. Bored! Bored! Bored!

This is repeated every, single day of summer. When the boredom eases, the fights begin. Word fights mainly but now and then the boys attack the teen in her room and have a roaring good laugh. download (2)Until she grabs a towel from the kitchen. Then there is shrieking to wake the dead. She is a mean popper. She learned it from her older siblings. Her towel zings and leaves red welts scattered along any surface it happens to hit. Retreat is pretty fast and the boredom takes over again.

Last week I severely threatened them. I had something I wanted to do and I needed them to leave me alone. I warned them in advance. I growled each time they came near. I made sure there were snacks in the cabinets and quickie foods they could prepare for their breakfast and lunch. I set out specific rules. I needed a few days. All began well until they got close enough to see what I was doing. I tried to shoo them out of the room. I turned down the sound, but they still heard. I saw them peeking around the corner to watch with me. Finally, the teen dragged up a chair and asked if she could join me.


With a heavy sigh I agreed but only if she could keep quiet. The pre-teen tried to work his way to my side but I waved him off. Several times.

I was focused on my computer screen.

My favorite summer activity is watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament. To do this I need cooperation from the entire household. When my favorite players are playing, I don’t cook, clean, or do laundry. I don’t judge, monitor, or intervene. I am not available unless images (2)Andy Murray or download (3)Serena Williams calls.

I am on my MOM vacation.

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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