The End is Near!

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When I access social media these days, or regular media for that matter, I see many articles that are scary and upsetting. Some are about military take-overs, some are about the leadership, or UN-leadership, of our country, and some just report on the violence that is flooding through our towns and communities. The nay-sayers, and the zealously devout all have something to say about this being the beginning of the end. Financial gurus are predicting gloom and downfall. In short, the media reports that the end is near!

While I don’t believe everything the media reports, I do have some concerns about many of the events happening in our country. And while I believe that at some point the world will end, I am not convinced that the riots and weather patterns are the pre-cursor to that event. HOWEVER, I did think the world was going to end last week.

Have you ever had that weird feeling that a strong ray of light shining through the overcast clouds or an unexplained fire in the distance was the absolute last moment of time approaching your corner of the world? And in a split second you began to think of all the things you had left undone? I have had those moments and they are fairly sobering and often incite “what if” conversations. What if that ray of sun… What if that loud boom…

Anyways, last week, I was sitting in front of my computer when a large cloud drifted across the face of the sun and things darkened up a bit. I was OK with that and then there was so much noise I thought the Lord had descended right on my pond. download (4)  Such noise you can’t imagine. I patted my bible and began reciting The Lord’s Prayer and a few other things. I heard Shrieking and squawking and splashing and what sounded like gnashing of teeth. I kinda thought this MIGHT be the day.

I hopped up and raced to the back of the house, threw open the screen and headed down the hill to the pond. I was brought up short by an awful hissing. Then the hisser came straight at me. The nearby guineas egged him on with their ratcheting squawks. Ack Ack Ack! AAACCCcccKKKkkKK. LOUD. Followed by all kinds of flapping and fluffing and posturing. Mr. Rooster was adding his bit back up the hill safely inside his domicile. His women were all under control and I realized that it was not the end of the world just yet.

Poppa goose turned his long neck to me and stared me down with his beady black eye. He would hiss at me and then turn and run towards the guineas with his head low to the ground. The guineas would fluff their feathers and hop around like a stray popcorn escaping the hot download (5)oil or like a demented Karate Kid trying the one-legged, pelican pose with his arms raised. Momma goose stood her ground and softly hissed. The guineas were darting about and squawking in their staccato ratcheting. I finally diagnosed the problem.

The geese had come up from the pond to browse the grain and bug seDSC_0108 (2)lections on the side of the hill behind the house. The guineas were not appreciative of their presence but the geese are three times their size so all they could do was run around in circles like crazed maniacs telling their world that the geese had invaded. In between momma and poppa goose were the three new goslings. Yellow fluffs dipping their beaks into the smorgasbord of bugs, grains, and seeds.

The guineas did not want breakfast companions but Poppa Goose was determined that his three newest would sample the selections on that side of the house. When I came on the scene, Poppa couldn’t decide if he needed to charge me or stick with the guineas. Momma was trying to herd the kids into a tighter circle. The air was heavy with drama. Two cats were slinking around the circle of strife. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was only the guineas. The world was not ending just yet.

If, and I am not saying it is, BUT IF the world was coming to an end, the good Lord might consider using his prehistoric bird creation, the lowly guinea, to sound the trumpet – so to speak.

I believe all would be able to hear the call and we certainly would NOT have to depend on the media to let us know.

Just a thought.images (5)


About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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