Easter Thoughts

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My husband asked me what I was going to do today and I said, “I am going to write my article for the paper.” Naturally, he asked me what I was going to write about and I said, “I don’t know yet.” He was kind of surprised but replied, “I bet it is hard to think of something new every week to write about.” I agreed, “It is, but at the same time, I have a million things that I always want to write about, they just can’t all go in a newspaper column.”

Generally, politics are out for me. Not that I don’t have political thoughts. I just don’t want to write about politics. I am all for America and anyone against America should move or go home. I have no tolerance for much else so I try to stay away from politics.

I don’t need to go near the Common Core issue in a public venue. I would have to say prayers for a month for some of the words I have to say about Common Core. So that is out.

I like to write about life because life is what turns us inside out. Kids, friends, family are what makes life worth living so that is what I usually write about. Kids are so funny and see things so differently than adults do. Teens are struggling in that horrible middle ground of knowing a few things but thinking they know everything. As they become adults, it dawns on them that life is tough, they don’t know EVERYthing and they start to call home. That is when the phone conversations are brilliant!

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It is absolutely wonderful to listen to the mother of my grandson fuss at him, “No, we are not going to throw that away, that cost a lot of money!” Whoa! Wonder where she got that radical notion? I can hear my daddy telling us that money doesn’t grow on trees. I chuckle and tell her that she sounds just like me.

She heaves a great sigh. “Oh, I know mom, and it is getting worse!”

I got a call last week from son number three and he asked me if I had ever had a cast iron skillet. Seriously? Before I could reply he went on to tell me all about them and how to cook in one and where I could order one. I finally got to say, “I have always had one and that is all we had growing up. No Teflon or non-stick skillets way back then.” I went on to tell him that we had two big ones and one small one. I can still smell fish frying in the big, heavy one. Momma would sprinkle corn meal over the fish and slide it into the grease in that old skillet. He listened politely and decided cast iron skillets might not be the best area to discuss. He then proceeded to tell me how to grill a steak – as if I hadn’t grilled him steaks most of his life. Poor thing, he hasn’t figured out yet that momma and daddy have done a few things.

One of my favorite calls is when they call for recipes. “You remember those cookies you used to make us and they were on the counter when we came home from school? Well, I have a meeting tonight and I offered to bring them. Can they be made in about 15 minutes?”

Or even a better call, “Momma, I need you to pray for me this week.” My eyebrows usually shoot up at this opener. Oh, dear! They tell me about whatever it is and I promise not only to pray for them but to also take it to my prayer group if they need it. While I love these calls, my heart nearly bursts when they call and ask me to pray for someone they are concerned about. They are learning that the world is not about SELF but in how we serve others.

I am sure there are days our heavenly Father smiles at us when we call on him for a life recipe or tell Him how to run things. He, too, loves it when we serve others and give grace.

And even though I am far from the mark, I try to be just like Him in everything I do. Hopefully, it is getting worse.

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On this Easter Weekend, I pray that we all take time to remember the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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2 Responses to Easter Thoughts

  1. Dee Lott says:

    May God continue to bless you greatly as you are used as HIS instrument of choice for so many!


  2. Fawn Musick says:

    Thank You! Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!


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