Are we There Yet?

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I saw a post on facebook Wednesday morning that Christmas is just nine months away! ICK! I don’t even want to think about it. Seems like we have just recovered from Christmas. January and February are blurs and March has literally flown by. It was just a second or two ago that we were desperately looking for green shirts to wear to school. Only a short hop before that we were agonizing over the Valentine’s Day party that had to be re-scheduled several times to meet the demands of the weather. I know the winter will eventually pass and spring will be more than the chirping birds and early bulbs popping up all over the grass. Before long we will hear folks fussin about the “hot” weather and then Halloween and then Christmas and another year will have come and gone. Ffftttt…just like the air rushing out of a balloon.

So much of our lives are mobile that time flows in streams around us. We get married. Boom! We have kids. Whack! Suddenly, they are in school. Yikes! Often we measure time by events. We are in the car taking someone somewhere or in the car picking someone up from somewhere or WAITING. Waiting on tennis. Waiting on the Orthodontist. School to let out. The bus to come. The skate party to be over. Waiting for the perfect time in a world that is speeding by. I don’t remember time being that fast in my younger years. I thought momma and daddy deadly dull. We never went anywhere or did anything!

As a family, we weren’t very mobile. Momma worked. Daddy worked. Heck, WE worked! At home, but we did work. We didn’t have time or money for Disney World vacations. If we went on “vacay” it was to the nearest campsite and we camped. An open fire, a cast iron skillet, and some fried potatoes to go along with the fish. What an adventure! As soon as we got there, momma and I rolled up our pants legs and “waded” in the icy rivers while I picked up rocks. That water was so cold! Our feet were brilliant red when we can up on the bank. I loved wading in the rivers and I loved camping.

I don’t remember feeling deprived because we didn’t go on destination vacations. It was a lot of work just going camping and even more work when we returned. Besides, my older sisters were always complaining about having to leave their boyfriends behind. No wonder I waded into ice cold rivers with momma! However, I ignored my sisters because I was always mobile. When not in a river I was travelling. I traveled through my books. I played on the hillside with the goats when I was Heidi. I sang at the top of my lungs when I was Maria von Trapp and The Captain thought I was simply captivating! There were days I escaped from a prison deep in Arizona territory with my horse and one canteen of water. Louis and I were best friends!

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I traveled back in time and led the trappers over the mountains to the west coast. I milked cows out on Prince Edward Island for a grumpy old woman and her wonderful husband. I lived on the prairies of the Great Plains and walked among kings in the castles of Europe. I got a dog that was buried under the red fern and I cried when the police made us burn all of our books. I cried even harder when I was lost on an island with a bunch of boys and they killed Piggy. I traveled then and I travel today.

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I don’t go anywhere without a book. Who knows, I might be stuck in a wormhole in Galaxy #356PRT while the dentist drills down into one of my kids’ teeth. I can unarm a serial killer by the time tennis is over and I can unravel the mystery behind the death of the local salesman by the time the youngest gets fitted with glasses. I have missed supper with our children because I was at the TajMahal and I have had to climb down off the back of a camel to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Yes, time is moving steadily along but I haven’t missed much because I have been all over the world. Last week I was in Venice making gondolas but, sigh, my own children believe that I am deadly dull.

If they only realized that I am managing six personalities at any given time, they might be a little more afraid of me!


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Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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