Fifty Shades of ICK





download (3)On my Facebook page last weekend, I read a review about the much talked about Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It opened last weekend. In the review I read, the writer – a middle-aged woman – stated that she was disappointed in the movie because she had been expecting some intellectual element. Really? Intellectual? I would NEVER expect an intellectual element in a movie based on pornography, abuse, subjugation, and control.

To be honest, I refused to purchase or read the book after I read the reviews. I would not want to spend my money on such trash. After viewing the movie trailer, while attending a different movie, I knew for certain that I would not be spending my money on anything remotely related to glorifying the emotional and physical abuse of women.

I know that these things happen in our world but I see no reason to celebrate them. I have no wish to go backwards to a time when women were treated as cattle. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the sex trafficking that goes on right under our noses and see if some of those women want to glorify domination and control. Perhaps we might ask an abused woman how “fun” it is to be tied up and beaten if we serve the wrong thing for supper or don’t obey in other minor ways. No, these are not things to bandy about and pretend that it is all sexual fun and the oldies are just too old to understand. Movies like this set all humanity back hundreds of years.

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I am remembering all of the women who have come before us fighting just to be able to vote or to be able to go out and get a job. Nearly 150 years before the 19th Amendment was passed giving the women the right to vote, Abigail Adams wrote a letter begging her husband, John Adams, to remember the ladies of the country and be nicer to them than his ancestors. He did not.

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Young women today need to look up the date August 26, 1920. It was the day that the 19th amendment was ratified making it legal for a woman to vote. Women coming before fought long and hard for that privilege. Before that women could not enter a trade or own land. Everything she had went directly to the husband because legally she was an object not a responsible person. Women were not allowed to write, be published, or to be educated. Women had no avenue when abused. They did not have rape crisis centers or shelters in which to hide from domestic abuse.

Women have come a long way. We vote, we go to college, we own our own businesses. We have choices about our lives. Not everything is perfect, and it never will be, but when women give their time, energy, and money to a pornographic movie about domination and control then we dishonor those who have come before us. We dishonor ourselves. We dishonor God.

On a deeper level, this is not about how bad and evil men are. This is about Satan. He is evil. He makes pornography, abuse, and dominance seem like the thing to be doing. He makes it sexy and appealing to the young. He makes the main character super rich and successful in worldly ways.

He makes millions for the folks raking indownload (2) the box-office money. He is laughing his head off at the crowds rushing to see this movie and he is preparing something just a little bit worse for next time. Easing us into acceptance. Ever so sly. One movie at a time.


Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things (Phil. 4:8).





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3 Responses to Fifty Shades of ICK

  1. I’m sickened by it. I am the survivor of an abusive relationship; mentally, physically, emotionally & sexually. These women are deceived. The reality isn’t sexy at all!!! Perverted and controlling men are not saved by women offering up their souls and bodies to them for whatever wicked thing the man wants to do. And in many cases the perverted man will try and degrade the woman by giving her to other men to abuse. This movie perpetuates the false belief that the love of a woman can redeem a man. Only God can do that, only Gods love, and Gods love doesn’t lead women to degrade themselves for the sexual pleasure of men. So horrible.


  2. Fawn Musick says:

    Thank you for sharing Emily. You are absolutely correct. God does not want women to degrade themselves. Satan, on the other hand, likes nothing better than for a person to believe that they are unworthy.


  3. Judy says:

    We have come a long way but still women are not paid the same as men doing the same job and we are not treated the same. I did not see the movie and I agree there are better things we should spend our money on. Anything that downgrades women should be on the no see list for all of us.


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