Sneaky “NOT” Gifts

Sneaky NOT gifts


I like the beginning of the New Year because it is pulsing with positive vibes and self-reflection. Time for new ideas. Time for changes. Time to get things straight. Time for good intentions to be shaken up and dusted off. It is also a time to reflect back on our successes. And a time to look at our shortcomings. The New Year is a good time to reflect deeply and make those changes in our lives that we put off until, well, the New Year.

So, here are some thoughts that I am having on this second day of the New Year.

I am going to be more appreciative this year of my “NOT” gifts. One must be wary of NOT gifts. They can be deceiving. We have all received NOT gifts and been a little perturbed in the moment of reception. NOT gifts are those quirky items that our beloved gives us, on gifting occasions, but are not always received in the kindest of manners. For instance, one year for Christmas my back was hurting and I received an ice pack belt thingy with straps that wrap around my waist as my Christmas present. I was less than gracious in receiving this NOT gift and would much rather have had something sparkly to hang from my ears. To this day, no dangly earbobs and still using the ice pack. Uggghh!

This year, I believe it was in the time range of Mother’s Day, I received another NOT gift. It was a boot scraper. I kid you not. A boot scraper. A double. I’m afraid that the receiving atmosphere of the day was a little chill. However, I installed it right by the back door and have to admit that I use it about a hundred times a day. See, that is the problem with NOT gifts. They are so tricky if the giver has put some thought behind it. They are the gifts that we really need but they are not sexy or romantic. They don’t dazzle, dangle, or delight. They don’t go from zero to sixty in eight seconds. They are so deceitful.

They are the gifts we turn to day after day and each time we use them a visual loop is triggered in our minds of the day we were ungracious in receiving them. They become a double-whammy if you know what I mean. First, we actually use them (and regret our behavior) and secondly, we have to face the smirks and raised eyebrows from the giver each time we are caught using them. The NOT gifts become little lessons in humility that really make a person want to smack the giver.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that I wouldn’t take a jewelry upgrade IF it were presented. What I am saying is that in this New Year, 2015, I am not going to be caught unawares. I am going to be more appreciative towards the giver of the NOT gifts. I am going to smile and say thank you and be gracious to the end. Every time I receive a quirky, deceitful NOT gift I will be dripping with such graciousness and goodness that he will be dazed and confused. I am resolved.

My other resolution is health. Each year, as millions do, I crank up my walking schedule, add some weight lifting, and vow to be a Paleo woman. Not this year. For the past few years I have run clinical trials and have come up with the most amazing results. No matter how much I exercise, or don’t eat, my clothes end up a little too tight. I buy a new pair of jeans and within weeks they are a bit snug. New shirts don’t last that long. I have come to the conclusion that my eating habits are not out of whack. I have concluded that the trouble with the buttons on my jeans is not because of my exercising/eating habits. NO, my jeans don’t button because of the clothes DRYER! My clothes are gradually shrinking! I resolve this year to get my husband a new dryer for his health!

NOT gift!

I can’t wait to see his face on Father’s Day when he receives his new washer and dryer (I added the washer so they could remain a set.)!

I pray that each of you has a wonderful year and that you are dripping with graciousness and goodness during those trying times we all face. Thanks for reading my stories and sharing in the lives of my family. Happy New Year!

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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