Global Un-Warming


Global Un-Warming

I frantically looked in the attic, the closets, the bathrooms, and in the basement. I combed the house as thoroughly as the woman in the bible searching for her lost coin. I sat for a few minutes and tried to remember exactly where I had placed it. I am sure I stored it in some kind of safe place so that I would easily remember. I asked my husband if he had seen it and he just laughed at me.

In the middle of the night I remembered. The Hall Closet! That small space that no one really uses except to store items in a “safe place.” I got up, clicked on my phone for a light, and tottled to the hall closet. There it was! My salvation in difficult times. My precious electric heater!

I tugged it out, sat it in front of my favorite chair, plugged it in and toasted my frozen toes. Aaaahhhh. Blessed heat.

If you live in southern WV then you do realize that we are in some kind of Reverse Global Un-Warming. We wake up and it is 54 degrees. By the hottest part of the day we are all the way up to lower 70’s. I have already changed from shorts to capris and now have pulled out my sweat pants. Yesterday I walked the park with a jacket. Totally zipped to my neck.

Perhaps we could contact Al Gore and ask him to send some Global Warming our direction. Rain all day, rain all night, and no sun. WE are freezing! IN JULY! I have to fight my kids for space around MY own electric heater. If someone were to look in our living room in the late evening or early morning they would think: “What a wonderful happy family all gathered around the mother.” BUT the truth is that the mother has the small electric heater running and even in JULY they are having to gather around to stay warm.

As the children returned from the first night of Vacation Bible School (generally held on HOT summer evenings), they saw a tornado watch posted for many parts of the country. I told them that there would not be a tornado here because tornados come about when WARM air collides with cold air. Of course, we could have provided the cold air part of that equation with no effort with the recent cold spell.

I am entirely not sure what it going on weather wise, but I have already added a small blanket to my side of the bed at nights, retrieved my electric heater, changed to long pants, closed a few windows, drug out some jackets, and actually made a cup of hot chocolate late last night. The teen showed up for our morning run in shorts and her Uggs  – tall, fur lined boots. I said, “Really?” and she replied, “Mom it is COLD.”

My crepe myrtles cannot crepe (flower) without heat. My chicks are huddled around the light instead of going out to scratch. Earlier in the week, I saw a tree with three bright red FALL leaves. Fall is not summer. I don’t expect much but at least some heat over the summer months which historically includes July and August. Certainly by the end of July it should be HOT, steamy, sweltery, humid, muggy, sweaty, and miserable. Historically, in July, we serve homemade peach ice cream that slides down our throats to cool our parched tissues. Never before have I considered HOT chocolate as part of my summer drinks list.

When you read this missive it will be the first day of August. I am praying that it is not snowing.

However, I still believe God is in total control of things and if He wants us to drink hot chocolate in July then so be it, but most likely He is turning our world upside down so that we will come to our senses and realize that without Him we do not have a chance.


About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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