Spring Break, Snow Angels, and Cousin Fun


Spring Break, Snow Angels, and Cousin Fun

Our cousins from Houston called us way back in December and asked if they could come visit on their spring break. I said, “Of course you can come. We will have lots of fun.” So plans were made and tickets purchased for various outings. I reminded them that WE were not on spring break and our kids would have to go to school some. That was not a problem as they wanted to see the beautiful West Virginia countryside.

Once again, I tried to give a verbal warning that mid-March might be a little cold to see too much of the beautiful outside. But this was in December and March was so in the future that winter would probably be over by the time they arrived. At least we all hoped so.

Little did we realize that we would all experience the coldest winter in about 373 years (my approximation). March approached and I began to watch the fifteen day forecast on my handy Accu-Weather app. It was touch and go for many days but it looked like their plane would be able to land and that the roads would be clear enough for me to drive to the airport and pick them up.

On the day before their arrival I called Houston and advised that there might be some weather delays. I mentioned that yet another snow storm was scheduled to hit our area. I said, “Wear warm clothes and pack some more warm clothes.” They assured me they had purchased all manner of outfits so they could play in the snow. The day of their departure arrived and as I scrolled through facebook I saw their airplane selfies.

I gasped! There they were. Sitting in a row smiling at the camera BUT clothed in short-sleeve cotton T-shirts. I specifically remember telling them that we were in blizzard conditions! Oh, well they would find out soon enough.

The snow and ice continued to accumulate. We were getting ready to drive to the airport when they called from Washington DC. Almost to West Virginia and ALL PLANES CANCELLED! They scrambled around and got a hotel. They decided to visit the sights in Washington DC since they were stuck there. The selfie from The Lincoln Memorial showed some good sense. They now sported hats, gloves, and scarves.

Our company finally arrived in West Virginia the next evening. Being young and vibrant, they were still excited about seeing snow for the first time. When their seven-year old wished out loud for a blizzard, my kids just groaned. We wanted some sunshine. The cousins wanted snow, snow, snow.

We got our wish (YEAH!) as the next day was absolutely beautiful. Up in the 60’s and clear. The snow melted and we attended the NASCAR races in Bristol. We cheered and screamed and had a wonderful day out in the sunshine.

NO sooner did we return from the races than the weather turned nasty. Rainy / sleety nasty. It just kept getting colder. The kids would trot outside but come right back in – nearly frozen with the cold. By Monday morning the schools were on a two-hour delay. I got up and took our kids to school. Back at home all visitors were huddled around the fire.

I wanted them to have fun so I offered to take anyone and everyone with me to pick up kids that afternoon, in case they wanted to truly experience the snow and ice.

My niece (the mom) looked at me like I was crazy. “Thank you, but I am not moving away from this fire.”

I wrapped my scarf around my head, pulled on my gloves, and yanked on my hat. “Sure you don’t want to come?” I asked.

She pulled the blanket around her shoulders and snuggled a little deeper into her chair.

“Ummm…I’m good. Think I’ll just stay in.”

I looked around the room to extend the invitation to everyone else. No takers.

Hmmm…  COLD snow VS a book and a fire. No Contest.

Oh well, they can look at pictures of snow angels in a book.

We all had a wonderful time being together and creating memories with our kids, which is something you can’t buy or get from a book.


About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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