The Adventures of Wilder Good – Texas Grit

New Book out by S.J. Dahlstrom

I just finished reading Dahlstrom’s first book The Elk Hunt to our fifth graders at school. They loved it. Can’t wait to get my copy of Texas Grit. I highly recommend these books for grade school – middle school age children. Get your copy today!



Texas Grit (#2)

Texas Grit is the second title in the book series The Adventures of Wilder Good.  Wilder spends a week in west Texas at his grandfather’s ranch as his mother receives treatment for breast cancer in Colorado.  Wilder’s grandfather, who he calls Papa, is gruff and sometimes intimidating to Wilder yet they both care for each other very much.

Wilder works cattle on horseback and explores the rough ranch country with Papa who is both a widower and a cowboy.  They go on a hunt for whitetail deer in the cottonwood bottoms around the ranch which is an ancient buffalo wallow.  A few days later a cowboy crew comes to the ranch to work Papa’s cattle the old-fashioned way – with a rope and drag branding.  Wilder gets the opportunity to do the strenuous and sometimes dangerous work with grown men.

Together Wilder and Papa face several trials that only a place like Texas can provide.


Guided Reading level : S-T

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level : 4.5


Pre-order today!

Book release April 1st

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