Crossfit, Oreos, and the Olympics



Crossfit, Oreos, and the Olympics

Fitness Journal 101 for large families. Our family has decided to join the health craze and get fit.

In all of our wisdom we decided to try out the new gym sensation called Crossfit. Let’s just say that I was cross when I couldn’t get up the next morning. And then I had a fit because my jeans were still tight. So, I guess that Crossfit really lives up to its name! In reality, we really liked the entire crossfit regime but found it difficult to show up at the scheduled times.

Next, we poured over nutrition magazines and made amazing menus. I cooked and cooked and we all gained several pounds. So, we need some adjustment there.

Then, I decided to buy some workout wear. I ordered bright colors in amazing fabrics. They looked great in the magazine. A tight girdle would have been easier to try on. I believe that I will re-order mine after all the exercise and nutrition has had some time to progress.

Next, we decided to buy only leafy greens and fruits. In the middle of winter no less! We found that the strawberries must have been going to Crossfit because some of them were big enough to prop up a mobile home. The grapes were huge and the oranges had absolutely no taste. So we added just a little sugar to the genetically modified food to make it palatable and sad to say we gained a little bit more weight.

Next, we decided to walk with the church on their quest for a 5K in the spring. We meet at the park on Sunday afternoons and walk together. The first meeting was called off for weather. The next week, we all walked together and had a great time. Then the snow started and the walking was put on hold. This is still a viable option.

Next, we decided that shoveling snow could be considered a crossfit exercise. It really did work for a few minutes and then the decision was made to crank up the tractor with the blade. I suppose that climbing on and off the tractor still counts as exercise for some. The rest of us played in the snow.

Next, we decided to watch the Olympics. To get motivated and all. Unfortunately, two weeks of sitting, munching, and watching those beautiful athletes hasn’t done much for our waistlines. However, we felt that it was important to put our own fitness goals aside and cheer on other Americans. AND, we discussed elite fitness every night from our recliners.

Instead of fancy diets and menus our next decision was to only eat what God created. You know. No chemicals. No genetically modified food. Which sounds so easy but in reality is a bit difficult because of the way we all live. I mean, those little fudge cookies with the cream and wafers are all made from God’s products, aren’t they? Some added chemicals perhaps, but the chocolate qualifies, doesn’t it? Cocoa bush or something like that. Directly from God. Right? And, I am certain that all of the ingredients for Ritz crackers are from heaven above. Just add a bit of cheese (from cows) and hot sauce (from tomatoes) and voila a perfectly acceptable snack. Unfortunately our scales don’t seem to recognize the logic in this type of eating.

We haven’t given up just yet as we see many advantages to a family fitness program.

We have talked to our children about the importance of nutrition.

We have challenged them to live without sodas and Oreos.

We have almost convinced them that sleep is as important as exercise in the larger scheme of things.

And most importantly, we have provided a total entertainment package for our children as we wallow on the floor trying to sit up, push up, and get up. They not only get to watch us struggle, but they also get to hear some pretty inventive exercise words as well. What more could a family fitness program ask for?

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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