Geodes, Battles, and The Tabernacle

Geodes, Battles and The Tabernacle


Words are wonderful things. So many spellings and meanings. We all get so close at times, but still end up in embarrassing situations.

I once sat in a geology class in college while the very serious professor discussed crystals and other rock formations. As he held up a beautiful stone cut across the middle, he asked if anyone knew what kind of crystal formation was being shown. A young man from the back shouted, “Those are Gonads.”

There was a titter from the front and we all squirmed a bit. The professor said, “No, no, not gonads.”

The young student insisted, “I remember that we studied them earlier and I thought they were called gonads.” More tittering around the room. The professor had to bite back a smile. “Well, you are close. These formations are called geodes.”

About that time he realized what he had been saying and his face turned bright red. The rest of us burst out laughing. I am sure he grew up to be a geode collector!

One day after Sunday school, our number 4 came to the van and told us a wild story about a man named “she.” I quizzed him but he insisted that the man’s name was “she.” He told how “She” held up the arms of Moses so they could win the battle. I couldn’t remember that story so I looked up the scripture on his handout and sure enough he was very close. In the Bible there is an incident with a man named Hur. “Hur” and “She” do go together in the mind of a five year old trying to figure out the English language. We all got a good laugh and most of us have never forgotten the story.

Last week the kids and I were driving to the church retreat and were riding along in a six car caravan. We got a text from the lead car that we were to have a pit stop in a few minutes. Place after place streamed by and still we did not stop.

“Why aren’t they stopping?” my teenage daughter asked.

“I am not sure but I am ready to pop,” I told her.

More miles. A truck stop whizzed by and my daughter said, “Why don’t we find a tabernacle to stop at?”

“What do you mean, a tabernacle?”

“You know, like daddy stops at,” she explained.

NO, I did NOT know what kind of tabernacle daddy stopped at and I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell me. I tried again.

“Honey, a tabernacle is where the people in the bible worshiped. Like a temple in a tent.”

“I KNOW that mom, but this place daddy stops is called The Tabernacle.”

I drove on for a few minutes, thinking hard.

She was getting frustrated with me and my bladder was screeching at me and I didn’t know what else to say.

Finally she clarified enough so that I knew what she was saying.

With extreme patience she turned to face me and said, “You know the truck stop, place, with the Burger King and it has a crown on it?”

I nod and slit my eyes as if to envision the place. She can see I still don’t know where.

“On the way home from Charleston! We always stop there.”

Ahhh Haaaa! A clear picture pops into my mind.

“You mean the place with the crown shaped roof off to the right?”

“YES mom. The Tabernacle. There are signs everywhere. We need to find one of those on this road and stop.”

I smiled at her and said, “OH, you mean Tamarack. The truck stop at Tamarack.”

“Tamarack! Yes, yes that is it. NOT tabernacle. EEEIiii I am so embarrassed.”

“Well, they do sound alike.”

“Uhhhh…yeah, they do, sort of. How in the world did I get Tabernacle from Tamarack?”

We both laughed until we turned into the roadside park behind the others.

“Oh, mom. You are…uuummm…going to tell anyone are you?”

I smiled, turned off the car, and said, “You bet I am. Race you to the toilets.”

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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