Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Thoughts


Sunday, May 12 is the day designated as Mother’s Day for 2013.

Each of us has someone to thank on this special day. We thank those who encouraged us, challenged us, and granted us grace in difficult circumstances.

I have several mothers to be thankful for. My mother – Agnes Corinn Bozeman Dent – who gave birth to me. My three older sisters who mothered (advised) me through the awful Jr. High hairdos, early makeup trials, and boyfriend choices. Mamma June who kept me so my mother could return to college way back when. My grandmothers. My grandmother’s sisters. My mother-in-law. My husband’s grandmother. My teachers in elementary school tried their best to mother me but I already had four mothers at home so I was resistant. Sunday school teachers mothered me and older friends mothered me. I was blessed to have so many guiding me on my life path.

On the flip side, I have mothered foster children, adopted children, birth children, grandchildren and many students throughout my teaching career. I am eternally thankful for all of the wonderful examples of motherhood I had to draw on while learning to mother others.

Being a mother is not as easy as it seems. When young we have all the answers, but as our children grow, we begin to realize that we have no answers and are living by the seat of our pants most days. Some days, we look at them and our hearts leap into our throats at the dawning realization that they are growing up too fast. Other days we are operating on our last nerve and begging the good Lord to remove them from our presence – tonight. We grit our teeth and try to remember when they were little and cute. While we might try to forget some of the yuckier moments of motherhood, we can easily list the things we will never forget about motherhood.


Hot, sweaty heads resting on your shoulder

Slobbery kisses and sticky hands

Hearing them scream, “Daddy’s home!”

The little notes you find under your pillow after a fight

Reading The Little Engine That Could to one more child

Little hands inside yours

Finding ways to surprise and delight them

Someone turning the bowl for you as you run the mixer

Your tenth-grader calling up and saying he got detention for hot gluing a pom pom to the end of his nose in home economics

Buying the $5 flag shirts every 4th of July

The sweet smell of Johnson and Johnson’s baby lotion

Hearing your kids scream, “There’s Daddy” when dad leads a prayer at church

Making triple batches of Rice Krispy Treats to eat in the car instead of buying snacks on the road

Hearing a little one say, “I love you a lotta much”

Showing them that you can still beat them in basketball

Walking the ¼ mile to the dumpster while talking about their day

“You’re the best mom in the whole galaxy”

Good night hugs, prayers, and kisses

The sweet sound of giggling coming from the bedrooms after lights out

The laughter when all are gathered around the table

Words from a teen, “I heard you scream my name when I was on the field and I knew you came”

Matching outfits with the kids

Watching them learn that there are others in their world who need their help

Reading an entire book letter by letter with a kindergartner

Going to Midnight movies with a crazy 10 year old

Phone calls from military postings just to say “Happy Mother’s Day”


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! May you be richly blessed for every prayer you uttered on behalf of a child, for every tear you dried and for every corny joke you laughed at.

About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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