The Racketeer

The Racketeer

John Grisham

2012, Doubleday


What a romp! This book is just fun to read. As I worked through each plot deception, the story became more fun rather than too complex. Once again Grisham shows why he is a great storyteller. From the first page, the reader easily slides through each sub-plot and on to the next without realizing that they are totally and utterly hooked. I was involved whether I intended to be or not. I took sides and cheered for “my guy” while hoping Mr. Grisham would successfully create ways for others to get their just deserts. I was not disappointed. Suddenly, the story was over and I didn’t feel as if I had been reading diligently for the past few hours. This is my idea of a perfect story.

This is a story, an entertainment with beginning, middle, and end. A story with conflict that the reader knows will get solved. Good guys and bad guys. A solution that is absolutely perfect, if not totally probable. The Racketeer is a story, not a tomb of complexity from which the reader never escapes, and yet, there are enough twists to keep one interested to the very end.

Come follow Malcolm Bannister as he works his way from prison to the island of Antigua. Learn about banking systems and Rule 35 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. See how one inmate is deceptively clever as he works the system that falsely incarcerated him five long years ago.

Overall, I read through this book in one sitting and loved every minute of it. I cheered for the main character through all 340 (hardback) pages. I could imagine Mr. Grisham smiling as he inserted plot twists and I could easily envision him rubbing his hands together in glee as he created new tangles for the reader to untangle.

I would definitely recommend this book.

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