Where are you Spring?

Spring Graduation

In the mornings when the alarm clock rings on my iPhone, I tap it off and scroll over to find the weather icon. I check the temperature and look at the forecast for the next few days. When I lived in Texas I never watched the weather on my phone. I could look out my back door and see the weather from miles away. The mountains of West Virginia are a little different.

The snow started the last week of October and has been a constant on / off problem since. We long for spring. January and February are over. Early March was mixed with snow and a few sunny days. A nice day here and there throws off our personal barometer. However, by mid-March we suffer through a few weeks of cold rain, rain, rain. I thought snow was a misery, but it is not quite like cold rain. It is now the End Of March. Time for Spring. Easter and spring break are breathing down our necks. All the young girls are buying fluffy spring dresses in bright, sunny colors to go with their new sandals. The boys are getting haircuts and will wear whatever their mothers buy for them. We are all panting for spring but we receive more forecasts.

Winter storm warning! Winter storm warning! Good grief. Would it ever quit? We are now at the tail end of March. We prepare for a large dumping of wet, heavy snow on Sunday. And it came. Monday, the kids stay home from school. Tuesday, the kids stay home from school. Wednesday, they could have stayed home from school but get a two-hour delay. Easter weekend is in three days!

My older kids from Texas call and tell me that it has been in the 60’s and 70’s. They are outside working on their yards or washing their cars. I tell them we are stuck at home – again. One mom, a first-grader, a fourth-grader and a teenager. Makes for an interesting day.

On Monday morning, my 21-year-old calls to discuss her cat and the eventual arrival of kittens. As we talk, the background noise gets louder and louder. She finally says, “Mother, I can barely hear you. What is all that noise?”

The background racket consists of two boys who have created a zip line from the top of the piano to the floor. The zip line is crochet yarn scotch taped to the top of the piano and then taped to the floor across the room. The army men are hooked to a large paperclip and then pushed down the line. If the lines are taut, things work out. If someone trips over a line and it sags then all the men crash and die. It is a perpetual business, setting up, crashing, army men screaming in agony, flying back to the piano top, and starting over again.

“Oh, it’s the boys. They don’t have school today and they have set up a zip line for their army guys.” I explain to her how they are set up and then I snap a picture and text it to her. I can hear her laughing over the phone.

“Didn’t they just stay home last week?” she asked.

“Yeah, and two days the week before that,” I added.

“Aren’t they out of snow days yet?”

“Yes, we are out of snow days. We have been out of snow days for a while.”

“I know every time I call you, they are all home.” She is quiet for a minute and then she asks, “Uh…Mom, Do you think they will be able to graduate?”

I assured her that they would all eventually graduate at the appropriate time if we could just get spring to make a visit.


About Fawn Musick

Writings to make you Smile and Think. Fawn is an award winning newspaper columnist. She is an avid writer, blogger, and mom. Her advice comes from her years of mothering her eight children.
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